At PassQual Health we understand the importance of preventive care for women, hence we provide comprehensive health screenings as an essential tool for identifying and preventing medical problems for women in our community. Schedule an appointment to see a doctor in our health clinic in Miami Gardens, Fl.

Women Health Facts:

  • One in every eight women develops breast cancer at some point.
  • Each year approximately 12,000 women in the USA get cervical cancer.
  • More than 9 million women in the USA are diagnosed with STI each year.
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Below find some frequently asked questions regarding our Gynecological Examination’s importance, procedures, and recommendations:

When should I get a Gynecological Exam?

In all stages of life. Female patients should visit their gynecologist or primary care provider once they become sexually active or by age 21.

Most women will only need an annual visit for a Pap smear, this is an extremely important test used for the early detection of any abnormal cells in the cervix that could become cancerous.

Gynecological exams are also performed when a patient suffers from an irregular menstrual cycle, vaginal infection, or a sexually transmitted infection.

What should I expect from a Gynecological Exam?

  • First, the doctor begins with a private discussion about your personal and family medical histories, sexual activity, menstrual cycle regularity, vaginal discharge, contraceptive options, and the importance of practicing safe sex.
  • The doctor will examine the patient’s breasts for any lumps or irregularities in the breast tissue and will take note if the patient feels discomfort or pain.
  • Based on the patient’s age and health history, your head doctor may recommend a mammogram screening for breast cancer.
  • During the pelvic exam, the doctor will inspect the external and internal genitalia for signs of infections, irritation, or sores. After a sample of cervical cells is collected for a Pap smear.

Other Women's Health Services we offer at our clinic.

Infertility Care

We understand that fertility testing and getting diagnosed sometimes can be stressful. Our doctors at PassQual Health are committed to making your diagnostic testing as comfortable as possible.

We offer a friendly family atmosphere, our compassionate specialists use the results of the test to identify the root cause or causes of infertility. We will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Papanicolaou Test

A test where a little brush is used to delicately collect cells from the outer layer of the cervix and the region around it so that it can be checked under a microscope for cervical malignant growth or cell changes that might indicate a cervical disease.

A Papanicolaou also helps detect different conditions, like infections or inflammation. It is typically done with a pelvic exam and as a test for specific kinds of human papillomavirus (HPV).


Whenever possible, it is recommended that gynecological exams be scheduled between periods, as menstrual fluids can interfere with some lab tests.

In preparation, vaginal products and sexual intercourse should be avoided 24 hours prior to a scheduled examination.

As a patient, you should not feel embarrassed to discuss your sexual health with the examining physician, as any information shared will remain private.