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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows healthcare providers to assess, diagnose and treat patients by means of using telecommunication technology. The methodology has gained a great development somewhat recently and it is turning into an undeniably significant piece of the Healthcare structure.

Thus far, virtual healthcare has been used mainly for meetings and consultations, check-ins, and status reports, rather than for in-depth diagnoses or treatments. Still, as technology evolves, more serious conditions like diabetes are falling under the influence of virtual healthcare.

Virtual healthcare is actually a component of Telehealth, which is a broader term encompassing the entirety of remote and/or technology-driven healthcare.

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What are some advantages of Telemedicine for patients?

  • No travel costs and time.
  • Don’t take time off of your duties.
  • Less child or elder care issues.
  • Less Chance of getting ill.
  • No time in a waiting room.
  • Better health for patients.
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What are some types of applications that are good for Telemedicine consultations?

  • Follow-up visits.
  • Remote chronic disease management.
  • Preventative care support.
  • Assisted living center support.

PassQual Health offers top-level Telehealth services as a means to avoid the expense, burden, and time spent traveling to and from clinics or doctor’s offices.

With 24/7 access to doctors, care is always available, anytime and anywhere. Better yet, PassQual Health Telemedicine is always here for you!