PassQual Health is proud to operate a full-service in-house pharmacy. At our clinic in Miami Gardens, Florida we provide a wide range of medications for our patients.

We understand that our patients deserve not only the best health care from our doctors but accessible and convenient access to their prescriptions the moment they finish a consultation and before they walk out of our clinic.

It is convenient!

Most of our patients are really busy, and we understand that!

Offering them a “one-stop shopping” solution saves them time and provides a convenient service that they’ll love. It also guarantees that their health is the #1 priority!

According to recent clinical research published, between 28% and 31% of medications are never filled, and that is terrible. By offering an in-house pharmacy, we can help bring those statistics down!


The most valuable benefit of our in-house pharmacy is the ability to monitor and scale patient compliance. By dispensing to our patients at PassQual Health, medications are readily available for our patients on the same day as their clinical appointment.

Other benefits are:

  • Immunization Friendly
  • Refill app
  • Free/reduced prescription programs
  • Medication Management

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